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Join the Renewable Energy revolution in South Africa

  • Help reverse Global Climate Change

  • Reduce your carbon footprint

  • Lease your land/rooftop for solar projects

In 2021 EcoFarms formed a partnership with Shire Oak International to develop Renewable Energy projects in South Africa. Founded in 2002, Shire Oak is an established international role-player with over 5,480MW of installed Renewable Energy in seven countries.

EcoFarms role is to identify project opportunities in the agricultural sector for both rooftop and ground mounted solar projects. 

The time for renewable energy has come. The South African Government's push for a just transition from outdated coal generation capacity to renewables is gaining momentum. This is further supported by global development funding to accelerate the adoption of Green Energy by Africa's largest GHG emitter. With the phasing in of Carbon Tax in South Africa, the increasing global push for exporters to have net zero emissions and the economic disruptions caused by load shedding, the local energy market ready to buy cheap, reliable, green electricity.

Solar Site Eligibility Enquiry

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