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For many farmers, the commitment to conserving the natural areas of their farm is deeply aligned with their fundamental values as a family or agri-business. Across all industries, businesses are successfully differentiating themselves through a commitment to the environment that goes above and beyond market expectations and industry norms. As industry standards develop and markets become more environmentally savvy, it is important to ensure that your environmental management efforts are built on a sound scientific foundation and make a meaningful positive impact on the ecological functions and biodiversity on and around your farm. We love to work with those landowners who strive for environmental management excellence and who wish to pass on a legacy of good stewardship to future generations.

  • Green marketing strategy
    Business owners who engage directly with downstream value chain stakeholders understand the importance placed on environmental management in the market. EcoFarms use their experience in mainstream business marketing to help their clients to strategically craft environmental messaging to enhance broader marketing and business development goals.

  • Social-media content
    The projects and initiatives implemented as part of the Environmental Management Plan create rich content for social media. EcoFarms draft a simple social-media strategy outlining key messaging and a ‘hashtag cloud’ that aligns with the farms marketing goals. We are often invited to upload environmental content directly onto their clients social-media platforms.  and we have used our broader marketing.

  •  Representation to value-chain stakeholders
    When hosting representatives from value-chain stakeholders, EcoFarms is often called upon to present the environmental management strategy. Underpinned by a logical and defendable Environmental Management System and by using topical concepts, language and focus area used in the industry, we are able to present a powerful story that enhances your reputation for environmental management best practice.

  • Agri-tourism product support
    Many farms are developing diversified revenue streams from agri-tourism such as accommodation, events venues, mountain bike and hiking trails etc. A big part of the appeal of a farm stay is being close to nature. EcoFarms can help to strengthen the ‘environmental-credibility’ of your agri and eco tourism offerings and provide promotional content to help you market this part of your business.

  • Video production – ‘Green Storytelling’
    EcoFarms have in-house photography and videography capabilities and we can help you tell your story about why farming in an environmental responsible way is important to you

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