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We help agricultural producers create long-term value

by designing and implementing a sustainability strategy

that differentiates their brand

empowers their farm community

protects the ecological assets that support their business

and reduces costs through operational efficiency



We help farm owners and managers to move beyond unstrategic and reactive responses to market-driven generic compliance audits. We aim to help farmers who really care about the long-term ecological health of their farm and who wish to differentiate their business through environmental management excellence. 

We still see many farms relying on the environmental audit requirements imposed by global retailers to identify environmental management activities on a reactive and adhoc basis. 

With our approach, we help farmers to address the actual impacts of their specific production and business support processes, on the unique habitat and ecological systems on and around their farm.  This approach also aligns with our clients broader business strategy as well as local environmental and socio-economic development priorities. 

Our services have been developed and refined based on the needs of our clients and we are always being called upon to design new solutions to address the needs and challenges in different landscapes and production systems.


Through this client focus and our understanding of Environmental Management best practice we will ensure that your investment in environmental management:

  1. Mitigates the biggest environmental risks;

  2. Supports your business strategy;

  3. Builds your brand;

  4. Complies with legislation and

  5. Aligns with market expectations.  

We have presented our service capabilities under the following headings – you can click on each heading for a detailed description:

  • Strategic Advice – This refers to the development of the over-arching strategic framework or environmental management system to give direction to environmental management on the farm.

  • Operational Plans – These are the simple and straight forward action plans to achieve priority environmental management objectives identified in your strategy.

  • Implementation – These are the practical hands-on activities we can implement for you so your team can get on with their core production responsibilities.

  • Monitoring & Reporting – Monitoring functions we can provide to inform adaptive management and stakeholder reporting.

  • Green Brand Building – This is how we can help your business to differentiate itself based on environmental management excellence.

Click here for a 'one-page view' of All Services.

Adopting Environmental Management best practice on your farm is an investment in: the ecological health of the broader agricultural landscape; the long-term production potential of your farm; your business relationship with the market & your personal legacy as a steward of the land.

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EcoFarms was established in 2017 when the company was formed to serve our first client, Dennegeur Farms, in Grabouw. The company now serves a number of larger commercial farms in the Western Cape.

Andrew Purnell

Graduating from Stellenbosch University with a B.Sc Degree in Zoology and an Hons Degree in Sport Science, Andrew's career journey has accumulated a wide range of experience and skills primarily in the areas of biodiversity conservation, environmental management and socio-economic development.

Andrew's ability to think strategically and creatively about challenges has allowed him to develop EcoFarms pioneering Agri Environmental Management services in line with client needs and global best practice.




Tel:  082 454 3744

Andrew Purnell

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