Beyond Generic Compliance

we address the impacts of your farming processes

on the ecological systems on your farm

to improve the sustainability of your business



Implementing Environmental Management Projects

we facilitate the design of best-practice environmental management interventions and projects and then implement them on your behalf, leaving you to get on with your core business of farming


agri environmental management

Integrated Environmental Management Systems

we help you go beyond compliance to design a customised environmental management system based on environmental risks from your farming activities and aligned with your business strategy

agri environmental training

Greening your brand story

we help you build a credible story based on a track record of sound environmental management practice that engages your stakeholders and enriches your brand

Environmental Awareness & Skills

we inspire and empower your staff  with the knowledge and skills they need to implement environmental management procedures and activities

enhancing agricultural landscapes

Maintaining ecological infrastructure

we develop local projects to safeguard and enhance the ecological goods and services provided by nature that are essential for the sustainable growth of the agricultural economy

Strengthening Farming Communities

we strengthen the socio-economic fabric of rural farming communities by developing enterprise development, socio-economic development and staff empowerment initiatives

Environmental Education

we engage on-farm youth and the broader farm community in environmental education programmes

Accredited Skills Training

EcoFarms (through Sabelo's training business) is accredited to deliver the AgriSeta National Certificate in Farming. This is a one-year, part-time learnership which we have contextualised to have a focus on sustainable agriculture.





EcoFarms is a partnership between Sabelo Lindani and Andrew Purnell, two biodiversity conservation professionals with complementory specialised expertise. Sabelo focuses on skills development in conservation, tourism and environmental management as well as farm worker empowerment initiatives. Andrew focuses on environmental management systems and  agricultural sustainability.




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