This page provides an overview of our full suite of Agri Environmental Management service capabilities, though we are always expanding on this in response to our client's needs.  

Strategic Advisory Services

  • Environmental Risk Assessment

  • Environmental Policy

  • Environmental Management Strategy

  • Guidance on legislative compliance

  • Strategic Planning Facilitation

  • Sustainability Assessment

  • Analysis of Industry Certification Requirements


Implementation Services

  • Implementation of Environmental Management Plans

  • Facilitation of Environmental Management Progress Meetings

  • Staff Environmental Awareness Training

  • Environmental Education for on-farm youth

  • Appointment and management of alien clearing contractors

  • Constructed wetlands to prevent pollution of natural watercourses

  • Siltation prevention mechanisms to conserve natural watercourses

  • Pesticide & chemical rinse water treatment

  • Permits for invasive trees in windrows, bee forage& woodlots

  • Indigenous Landscaping

  • Ecological Restoration

  • Waterless farm toilets

  • Constructed habitat (owl boxes, bat houses, insect hotels, natural beehives, floating wetlands)

  • Green social development project design

  • Contaminated soil remediation station for fuel/oil spills

  • Workshop, fuel storage and pump area design to prevent fuel spills

  • Biodiversity Stewardship Protected Area planning

  • Biodiversity off-set planning


Operational Planning Services

  • Annual Environmental Management Plan

  • Ecosystem & Biodiversity Management Plan

  • Invasive Alien Plant Management Plan & Wildfire Prevention & Response Plan

  • Freshwater and Aquatic Ecosystem Conservation Plan

  • Waste Management Plan

  • Water Management Plan

  • Soil Management Plan

  • Energy Reduction Plan

  • Site Development Plans

  • GIS mapping for planning


Monitoring & Reporting Services

  • Biodiversity monitoring

  • Monitoring of Freshwater Ecosystems

  • Water quality monitoring in natural watercourses

  • Biological and chemical soil monitoring

  • Data collection for Environmental Audits

  • GIS mapping for reporting


Green Brand Buidling Services

  • Green marketing strategy

  • Social-media content

  • Representation to value-chain stakeholders

  • Eco-tourism product development

  • Video production – ‘Green Storytelling’



Raising awareness for household recycling.

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Supporting a small team in-field.

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Floating wetland to enhance aquatic biodiversity

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Raising awareness for household recycling.

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